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One of San Francisco’s popular venues for live music! The Independent is definitely a space to watch your favorite upcoming bands perform. Opened to the city’s diverse crowd in 2004, the venue has had over a thousand live performances behind its doors.

So what is this spot all about?

I have NOT been here (nice way to establish my credibility, right?). A number of my friends and locals who go here rave about their experiences. The Independent houses a variety of artists from all over the globe with its cutting-edge light and sound system that illuminates the night for music lovers. This place was specifically built for live performances and comfortably accommodate small crowds with quality service and atmosphere.

Located at 628 Divisadero Street, this very space has a bit of musical history to it. The previous four establishments produced live music as well, together accumulating 30 years of it. Now I’m not trying to say you get a magical experience by walking into 628 Divis but you can definitely respect the tradition of live entertainment.

The sounds, lights, space, staff, and finally refreshments make the biggest difference. I once attended a Deadmau5 concert and most of it was a downer because of the atmosphere. Yeah, Joel Zimmerman played “Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff” but everything else just didn’t cut it. The Independent’s sound system is equipped with the international high quality standard for live music audio consoling system: Midas Consoles. The exact model name is a little complex, so just I prefer to call it the ‘Andre 3000 X-Ray’. These powerful speakers are supposed to make you feel electrified, not bombarded. The lighting system is a range of 38 different lights highlighting a somewhat small stage, and overall small space. But wouldn’t a smaller space be more enjoyable? Being closer to the stage with a better view has its advantages over a larger crowd capacity. A majority of people’s reviews of The Independent speak of the staff being pleasant and cooperative. What pisses me off most about most venues is if the staff aren’t polite and full of attitude. Nobody appreciates careless mixed drinks or heavily watered-down ones either. A good source of my friends lauded the cocktails at The Independent appreciating the volume of alcohol in each one. The Independent checks out as a pretty good on all 5 categories.

The next big thing coming up this summer is the Outside Lands music and arts festival. For those new to it, its a music festival in Golden Gate Park presenting over 60 musical acts alongside new art pieces, wine tasting and a wide range of food selections. The Independent will be hosting a handful of night shows if you’d like an opportunity to see your favorite band outta’ the heat and up-close! The artists to be featured at The Independent include: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Meters, Arctic Monkeys, STS9 and Warren Haynes Band. After all that about the Indy you know I’ll be there. Holla’ if you recognize me!


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