Long Live the Awfully Awesome: Tribute Bands

This week in our continuing study of band names, we take a look at the ubiquitous tribute/cover band. There really is no better expression of devotion and enthusiasm for a particular band than forming a tribute or cover band. However, it is important for tribute bands to not only emulate the original band’s songs, but to also put their own personal and unique spin on the musical oeuvre. This special trait or gimmick, is often evident in the names tribute bands come up for themselves. Please read below for some of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) tribute band names we have come across.

Lez Zepplin. Not only is this an all-girl Led Zepplin tribute band, but it is an all-lesbian Led Zepplin tribute band. The group has actually garnered a fair amount of success, releasing its first album and touring the US and Europe in 2011. In the same vein is Misstallica, another all-girl band band from New York that promises “the Metallica experience, but with boobies!” Interesting selling point. AC/DC boasts not just one, but two all-girl coverbands: AC/DShee and Thunderherstruck, although the latter really looks more like a spelling mistake. Chicks with Dixies. Dixie Chicks tribute band comprised of transvestites. They bill themselves as “the music of the Dixie Chicks with a little something extra.” Quite literally, I am sure. The authenticity of this particular band is still in question–from the looks of their photo on their official page, they may just be a photo-shopped creation.

The Red Stripes. Talk about unexpected musical combinations! This is a Jamaican White Stripes tribute band that plays its songs reggae-style. Not just that, but their first album is called Elephantitus. Instead of breaking your poor brain trying to imagine what this band could possibly sound like, take a look at the video below (the dancing is great, the pineapple tossing is not).


Noasis and Oasisn’t. Both bands make it perfectly clear that they are not Oasis. Tribute bands for Oasis however have been a bit disappointing, at least when it comes to their uninspired names: Oasish, Soasis, Oases, Definitely Might Be, Supernova, Supersonic, Live Forever, Be Here Now, Howaysis, Sisao and countless others.

ABBAriginal. This is an Australian ABBA cover band that is most popular in the UK and Sweden (surprise!). Another ABBA tribute band GABBA, plays their songs in the style of The Ramones. Since we all know Europeans love a good tribute band, especially an ABBA tribute band, here are a couple more we found: Sensation, ABRAcadabra, ABBAgirls, ABBAsession, ARRIVAL, Bjorn to Rock, and The Super Swedes.

MiniKiss. Not your average Kiss tribute band, but one comprised entirely of little people. Adorable? Yes! A little off-putting? Yes! This New Hampshire-based band has actually been featured on a Dr. Pepper commercial, rockin’ out alongside the original, full-sized KISS. They also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night talk show.



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