Seventh Son Tattoo Hurricane "Sandy" Fundraiser – San Francisco



On Sunday November 4, I had the pleasure of attending Seventh Son Tattoo fundraiser benefiting the East coast victims of hurricane “Sandy.” Tragedy struck the East coast last week when a massive hurricane touched down, destroying and devastating everything in its path. Luckily, we as a nation and community are compassionate enough to come together in times of tragedy and find ways to help those in need.


Seventh Son Tattoo is one of many local business that have stepped-up to take action for the East from the West coast.

Fundraising efforts included $100 flash tattoos that were specially designed by Seventh Son artists for the event, t-shirts, limited addition prints by tattoo artists including a raffle for an original drawing by Erik Rieth, one of the owners of Seventh Son Tattoo.

100% of the proceeds went towards hurricane relief efforts for New Jersey and New York by way of the American Red Cross.


This incredibly generous tattoo shop located in the SOMA district of San Francisco raised over $7,000 + additional donations from a private raffle towards relief efforts, amazing!

Tattoo artists participating in this benefit include Luke Stewart, Erik Rieth, Gordon Combs, Nick Chaboya, Joey Armstrong, and Orly Locquaio of Seventh Son Tattoo.

Alongside them, were special guests Toby Torres of Humble Beginnings Tattoo Studio, George Campise of War horse Tattoo, and Sean Perkinson of FTW Tattoo.

As an East coast raised Jersey/NYC girl I say–Thank you for your generosity and amazing relief efforts to help those in need!

There is a lot more work to be done, so please do what you can through volunteering, donation, clean-up & rescue for the millions effected by this Hurricane.

American Red Cross, Department of Parks & Recreation, Blood Donation, Occupy Sandy Relief, Food Not Bombs, Human Society

“Unity as one stand together.

Unity evolutions gonna come.”-Operation Ivy

Photography by Simone Da’Silva ©

2012 – All rights reserved

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