L.A. Girls cover Silverlake Jubilee Fest



Photo courtesy of L.A. Girls

The two day Jubilee Music and Arts festival in L.A. was filled with great music! From bands to DJ’s playing throughout the day. A range of 50 different artist packed into two different days. Several gourmet food trucks to choose from and an exhibitor area to shop at.

Friday got kicked off with bleached, Trash Talk, The Black Lips, Thee Mike B, Soko, and tons of more great artist. Saturday’s line up had Fools Gold in the mix, Riff Raff, Viceroy pumping up the crowd, and The Drums summing up the weekend. Our favorite artist the performed was The Drums, they were amazing!

If you didn’t catch this years Jubilee Fest in downtown L.A. You’ve missed out! Just make sure to be there next year, which we can’t wait for.

L.A. Girls — at Jubilee Music & Arts Festival.



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