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Photo Courtesy of David Korman

Blue hair and the Bay Area – Midi Matilda is a local electronic-pop outfit that’s getting brighter by the day. Skyler Kilborn and Logan Grimé met locally in Emeryville, and although it took over a year to solidify their first single, “Daydreams,” they’ve finally found their forte with an inventive flair. Sharing label space with Blondie, Jet, and Shiny Toy Guns, the duo is destined for a solid tour with heightened hype.

Midi Matilda ranked second in San Francisco Travel’s 5 Bands You Need to See at Outside Lands, the iconic Hall & Oates scoring first. Their cover of the Temptations’ “Just My Imagination,” drew over 30,000 plays in only two days. But it’s not just their charming vocals that are attracting the masses – they eloquently twist indie-pop with an 80’s ribbon to fit their choreographed dance moves and epic music videos.

Midi Matilda live shows are noted for showcasing the booming personalities of the two musicians, filled with hair flips and stylized lunges. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Grimé elaborated, “You see so many DJs onstage just sitting there behind a computer. We want to be more interesting than that. We want our shows to be like Daft Punk meets the White Stripes, but with more dancing.”*

It would be a crime to miss all the fun, so make sure to lock up an Outside Lands ticket and catch them Day 1.


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