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Photo Courtesy of Cameron Wittig

For all you Justin Vernon fans, the J-man has finally resurged his 2009 project, Volcano Choir, our featured artist of the week. The sizeable group consists of Wisconsinites Justin Vernon, Jon Mueller, Chris Rosenau, Jim Schoenecker, Daniel Spack and Thomas Wincek. Many of these members were also a part of the Collections of Colonies of Bees, but time has sewn their paths together and their latest collaboration has laid down the perfect fabrication for a brilliant new beginning.

Their recently released single, “Byegone” immediately caught our attention, and we’re gripping onto our seats for the highly-anticipated album, Repave, out September 3rd. The group released a 10-minute documentary-teaser about their creative process over the past few years – noting that Volcano Choir finally feels like a structured band. The material surpasses expectations, incorporating their undeviating exploration of beauty in sound. Collaborating experiences, they’ve honed pieces that centralize themes of challenge and recovery, fighting overwhelming obtrusions in dark spaces.

We took a look at their 2008 album, Unmap, as a precursor and found hints of Bon Iver-type meditations and still moments – as if pausing on a run to take in the scenery at large. Each song brings you on an unprecedented path through quiet nodes of confidence, vulnerability, and ultimately, the adventure among musical experimentation. We foresee a promising future for Volcano Choir, and are eager to catch them in Chicago, Boston and NYC this September.


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