In the Artist’s Studio with Meryl Pataky


Eventseeker decided it was time for a company sign, a big bright one-of-a-kind neon sign that proudly lights up the front office windows located in the heart of the SOMA neighborhood in San Francisco. Naturally, the very talented local neon sculpture artist Meryl Pataky was just the right person for the job. She is a mixed-media sculpture artist that often integrates neon into a variety of striking pieces of art.

Meryl’s work is playful, scientific and always thought-provoking and intriguing. She has a gift for exploring a curiosity within herself and narrating that back to the viewer through a relatable and abstract style of aesthetic communication. “Epitaph,” “Strife Inspired”, “Meditation No 1,”, “So It Goes” and “Self Portrait” are beautiful representations of her diverse use of technique and materials, which are a fundamental part in the creation of conceptual mixed-media art. Throughout these bodies of work, you will see elements such as silver, neon, paper, bone and metal integrated into the sculptures creating a tactile texture to the surfaces.

Artists have a wide range of materials to choose from while striving to bring a personal narrative to life. Meryl’s mediums consist of paper, metal, ink and noble gas. Sculpture is an additive and subtractive process that has become the foundation for many mixed media artists such as Meryl Pataky. Modernism led artists towards freedom from traditional materials and practices. Found objects and recycled materials have become new elements for conceptual art.

I had the opportunity to visit and interview Meryl in her studio and got a personal look at her art collection and the neon sculpture process. As I watched Meryl bending glass over a fire while creating her latest neon piece she had this incredibly driven and determined look upon her face as if she was pouring everything she had into the piece. It’s a rare opportunity to observe an artist during their creative process, which becomes a performance piece that challenges the observer to take an active role in a very personal moment.

In the studio interview with Meryl Pataky:

Describe your self in 4 words.

Meryl: Bad ass neon chick!

What inspired you to work with neon as your medium?

Meryl: I am inspired by the science and the challenging process neon provides.

What is your favorite thing about the artist community in the bay area?

Meryl: SF artist community has pretty good resources with non-profits offering and helping with grants, residencies like Recology that encourage mixed media. Young gallery owners that have passion.

What local artists inspire you?

Meryl: Local artists Lauren Napolitano, Erik Otto, Shauna Peterson to name few.

If you had to choose one band to listen to while in your studio, who would it be?

Meryl: Pixies!

What is your favorite quote from a song?

Meryl: “I’m in a state” – Pixies

Keep your eyes out for this emerging artist as she brakes new ground on the Bay Area art scene. Check out Meryl Pataky’s latest installation at her opening at Glass Door Gallery in North Beach, San Francisco on September 13th 2013.

Come check out eventseeker’s new neon sign located at our office on 2nd and Bryant St, San Francisco

Many thanks to Meryl Pataky and KQED for your documentary coverage piece.

Get Tickets to see Meryl Pataky’s Opening at Glass Door Gallery

Meryl Pataky’s Official Website

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