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The Blow invites its fans to embark on a journey to the center of the heart. Based out of Brooklyn, the project consists of Khaela Maricich and her partner and collaborator Melissa Dyne, who is a sound and installation artist. It is not only releasing a self-titled album on Kanine Records on September 30th– the first in seven years– but it is also touring nationwide this fall.

The first manifestation of Maricich’s work appeared in Olympia, WA where she self-released and performed songs under the name “Get The Hell Out Of The Way Of The Volcano.” Fans of the Microphones, Mt. Eerie and the independent label, K Records are already familiar with Maricich’s crystalline vocals and honest harmonies. The Portland-based singer has collaborated with Phil Elvrum, Mirah as well as Jona Bechtolt from YACHT, who was a member of The Blow from 2004 to 2007.

The Blow has already topped the charts with its poppy hits “Parentheses,” “Hey Boy” and “True Affection.” It is also known for its remarkable multimedia performances, which often include choreographed dance, projections, impressive looping and audience feedback.

The highly energetic, new self-produced released opens with “Make It Up,” which begins with a fast drum-machine beat, followed by a retrospective confession, “I thought I knew what love was…” Combining R&B, top 40 and indie rock elements, the album tackles romance, flirting, dancing, courtship (with boys and girls)–all matters of the heart–with compelling and contagious tracks. Unlike Maricich’s earlier acoustic work, this album is more upbeat and retrospective. When it comes to love, The Blow mixes fact and feeling, sentimentality and science to create a highly danceable exploration of the heart.

Tracks | A Brief History of The Blow

1. In My Room
2. Jet Ski Accidents
3. Between Your Ear and The Other Ear
4. The Moon Is There, I AM Here
5. Some Chocolates
6. What Tom Said About Girls
7. Come On Pauline
8. Hey Boy
9. True Affection
10. The Democracy of Small Things
11. Oh Anna
12. Parantheses
13. Make It Up


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