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Photo Courtesy of Kristian Emdal

Whatever the folks in Iceage are doing, they’re doing it right. The quartet exploded on the scene in a most precarious way. While most bands in the Bay Area and major cities abroad fight for recognition in their own towns, Danish punks Iceage managed to gain recognition, at a remarkably young age.

Iceage initially gained recognition with its debut album, New Brigade, in 2011. The band set a precedent with a sound that combines elements of post-punk, noise and 80’s punk. It was loud, heavy, and well received by major American media outlets such as Pitchfork and Spin.

Iceage’s music bares a consistent and heavy driving temperament that is well-reflected in its releases. You’re Nothing, released this past February by Matador Records still maintains the previous sound of New Brigade, but perfected. The album sets Iceage’s insecurities and fears on blast with tunes such as “Ecstasy” and “Morals,” which show the band’s growth from it’s original debut.

On the heels of its second album, Iceage is also releasing a 7-inch via Matador this fall comprised entirely of covers. Slated for a November 19 release, the band boasts covers from everybody’s favorite controversial pop crooner, Sinead O’Connor (“Jackie”) and Bahumutsi Drama Group (“To The Comrades”).

Iceage has more to offer than solid and compelling releases, however. The band is also known to have rowdy, often violent shows.

To see this first hand, see them at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco October 9. The show starts at 8pm and tickets are $15, but the bloody nose you may incur is totally free.

You can also catch them at FILTER Magazine’s Culture Collide Music Festival in Echo Park, LA this Thursday October 10th.


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