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Just over a year ago, Charlie Yin, aka Giraffage began to make waves surrounding his collaborations with XXYYXX. Since then, Giraffage has maintained ripples and whipped them up into a full blown tsunami of success, effortlessly breaking his way into the indie/electronic music scene. A Bay Area local, Yin started experimenting with musical styles and instruments from an early age. Unlike some electronic artists, Yin has an extensive musical background, and has applied his knowledge with the innovative new technology.

The young beatsmith’s emergence is a great example of how one can create new dream sounds from a simple computer program, all you need is the right creative drive. He began his electronic career with illegally downloaded softwares during his time at UC Berkeley. He eventually settled down with electronic equipment and fine tuned his rainy-day style. His sample heavy beats combine nostalgic pop with new ambient filters.

Yin has proven himself to be one of those modest talents that never seems to flaunt and promote himself, he allows his music to speak for itself, and it’s working. This year has been a fast rise to the top for Giraffage as he will be supporting Phantogram on its upcoming tour starting October 15. He will also be performing at the Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend in San Francisco.


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