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With 20+ playlists highlighting some of the most progressive music festivals on the grid​,​ eventseeker has shared our picks from the major players on the bills as well as the names that will be household soon enough.​ The staff here at eventseeker is made up of a zeitgeist of musical tastes and influences and throughout our playlist-making, we have called ​on various music heads to create what they think is the tip top of the lineups. We aim to bring you mixes that aren’t what you’ll find on every other playlist, but cuts you might not have heard from the artists you love. These are mixes that stand the test of time and are worth the listen even though the festivals have come and gone.

We have just added our cataloged of playlists onto Soundcloud. Put your headphones on and dig in. We’ve got music for days.

​Just a handful of the festivals we have featured include:

Austin Psych Fest
Governor’s Ball NYC
Outside Lands

and so many more…


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If you want to pretend for a minute that you know more than we do about music, go ahead, send us your thoughts. Hit us with your best shot, we dare you.

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