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This week, the industrial, expansive space of NWBLK gallery will host the 100|50|1 exhibition, organized by some of the most popular and talented mobile photographers on Instagram. On display are 100 portraits from 50 instagrammers curated by Dan Cohen (@cohen) Michel O’Neal (@moneal), Kyle Steed(@kylesteed) and Dan Rubin (@danrubin). All proceeds from the sale of these portraits will go to the 100cameras charity. 100cameras is a non-profit organization that operates with the help of volunteers, and corporate and private donations. Currently, the 100cameras project operates in South Sudan, Cuba, Baltimore, New York City and India, helping to fund local health clinics, community centers and orphanages.

Thanks to smartphones and advancing technology, it has never been easier to produce and share high-quality images with people around the world. The democratization of digital photography is evident in the variety of photographers included in the 100|50|1 exhibit. The exhibit includes works from professional photographers as well as amateurs who choose to express themselves through the lens of their mobile device. The roster of participating photographers includes popular Bay Area instagrammers Pei Ketron, Tyson Wheatley and Jessica Zollman. The mobile portraits on display capture a spontaneous, fleeting moment, giving the viewer an intimate glimpse into the life of the subject.

The idea of sharing perspectives is exactly what drives the 100cameras project. The goal of the project is to introduce photography to kids and teenagers in impoverished communities and show them how it can make a difference in their neighborhood. Participants are given a digital camera asked to go out and share their lives through photography. These images are then put for sale on the 100cameras website and 100% of the proceeds are funneled back to local community projects.

Please visit the 100|50|1 exhibition located at 1999 Bryant St in San Francisco.

November 12-15 11a-5p

Open late on Thursday November 14 until 8pm.

Please also check out the 100cameras website for more information on how to donate and buy prints from young photographers around the world.


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