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With hook-loaded singles and sweeping songcraft, CHVRCHES are cultivating more than just a religious following. In 2012, the electropop band from Glasgow took the web by storm with their first single, “Lies.” The Scottish trio features vocalist Lauren Mayberry and multi-instrumentalists Martin Doherty and Iain Cook who have mastered the European festival circuit following their overwhelming Internet success. The Scots made their way to Australia and Japan before releasing their next chart-topper, “Recover,” that catapulted CHVRCHES’ hype even further. Their relentless touring with Depeche Mode and Passion Pit also increased their reach and gave them a few performance cues, as Mayberry learned that, “Dave Gahan shakes his ass a lot on stage.”

Their live shows claimed the Grulke Prize at SXSW, and they placed fifth for the BBC Sound of 2013 award. The pixie and her two synth-siders have quickly become an electronic sensation, but they’re navigating the music industry waters carefully. Their album The Bones of What You Believe took ages to be released because the fiercely independent band insisted that their record contract provide ample creative freedom.

In an interview with The Guardian, Lauren Mayberry stated: “You see so many bands regress and become like children, getting told what to do. I’m not in the business of telling people ‘DIY or die,’ but I do think it’s important to be as hands-on with what you’re doing as possible. Sometimes if you don’t take the easy option, it’ll pay dividends in the long run.”

A scholarly statement from the miniature Scot isn’t surprising. Besides performing with different bands the past few years, she earned a law degree and a masters degree in Journalism. She focused her master’s thesis on women in media, giving her the blazing guns to battle against larger media conglomerates.

With their album recently out of the gates, and a stellar show in motion, only time will tell how many hit songs this trio scores. See sparks fly at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA this Sunday.


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