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Winter is a time for offerings and gratitude. As the light dwindles, we must develop rituals, ceremonies and self-care practices to keep our spirits up. Slavs in Russia in the 12th century, for example, offered bloodless sacrifices like honey and cheese to their winter goddess, Rozhnitsa (Wikipedia, 2013).

At midnight on December 13th, Beyoncé released a new self-titled 14-track “visual album” on iTunes with no previous announcements or publicity. The album includes videos for every song. Collaborators include Frank Ocean, Drake and, yes, Blue Ivy! The material is as dense and sweet as the thickest fruitcake. It’s going to take a long time to work through it, but it is truly a gift.

This year, Winter Solstice has come early and suddenly. A new winter goddess has emerged, overnight, leaving us an offering that will surely last us through spring. Thank you, Beyoncé. We are grateful. We owe you hella cheese and honey.


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