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Our featured artist this week, Penguin Prison, comes with the buoyant bounce of the east coast. Captivating audiences with 70’s spunk, 80’s vocals and millennium mashups, Chris Glover has concocted something that just can’t keep the roll-y office chairs in place.

In an interview with iHeart radio during the off-Coachella scene, Glover stated he’s, “just trying to combine a lot of opposite forces and put them together into something. My main influences are Michael Jackson, Prince, LCD Soundsystem, ya know – put those together and that’s what you get.” The Miami native went to a professional arts school in New York City, getting a taste of gospel music and honing his harmonies along the way.

Known for mixing mainstream hits and tantalizing beats, he finally released his self-titled debut in 2011. Glover’s first album proves there’s much more to Penguin Prison than the notable remixes he cranks out. “The Worse It Gets” puts us right on the deck of an 80’s daytime cruise, with upbeat energy and tropical flavor. “Someone Got Everything” ends the album on a cool, acoustically focused track that seems perfect for a starlit picnic and philosophical discussion.

The “Don’t Fuck with My Money” music video was filmed during the Occupy Wall Street movement, and features raw footage from the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Glover commented, “we captured what everyone was doing, all the signs, emotions and energy.” Front and center of expression, Penguin Prison taps into current phenomenons and musical turn-ons. He toured with Miike Snow, performed at Governor’s Ball and has a slew of solo DJ sets booked throughout January. With an album in the works for 2014, America is eager for Glover’s fresh and funky discotronica.


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