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I expected a questionable man to arrive on the stage at Bottom of the Hill on January 15th, 2014. However, what I found was a sweet and pure presence, simply having fun and connecting with the music. Connan Mockasin, a native New Zealander, had an angelic smile in his light pink kimono with a classic periwinkle guitar to match. The show was filled with genuine surprises unmatched by most cookie cutter performance artists these days.

What is it about this man that is so alluring? Something so mysterious in the way he moves about the stage. Is it the middle part in his perfectly silky blonde hair? Or is it the manner in which he draws back and peeks out from behind the hair that curtains over his eyes?

It seems as if he is looking up at the audience below him. There is something deliciously creepy here, which is no surprise having followed his progression from total psychadelic in his 2010 album “Forever Dolphin Love” to his seductive silky style in “Caramel”, released by Mexican Summer in November 2013.

The new album is said to be a continuation of the story in “Forever Dolphin Love”, where the man falls in love with a dolphin. Mockasin detailed the concept album’s overall narrative at Little Indie Blogs. “It starts with the dolphin leaving, and the boss who is so in with love with the dolphin is sad,” he said. “Then it kick into the new album, and he is happier.”

During the show, Mockasin pretended to get into a fight with his backup vocalist, slapped her across the face, and then pretended to make out with his male xylophonist.

The show was filled with surprises as Mockasin crept down into the audience with his guitar and wandered around the floor. Hands reached and jabbed to cop a feel of his golden locks. Eventually, he sat down in the middle of the floor and the whole crowd crouched around him as he and his backup singer wooed the crowd into a powwow.

“I like it better down here,” he said surrounded by the crowd. “It’s more fun”

Connan previously performed with Radiohead in New Zealand and Australia and he has just finished up his first North American Tour.


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