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There is a corner of the hard rock universe where few tread. It is known as the vast umbrella of “stoner rock.” It is not a sound that is easily tied down, but is often characterized by seismic bass tones and fuzz-drenched guitars. Though lines are consistently blurred, what sets this style of music apart from its metal and psychedelic siblings is that it uses the best of both worlds. Coming from the same roots as Black Sabbath and borrowing a little from Blue Oyster Cult, this sort of hard rock is regarded by many as a marriage between the past and future.

One of the most influential acts to emerge from this tucked away portion of the cosmos is Truckfighters . Hailing from Orebro, Sweden, Truckfighters roll through the music world in an eighteen-wheeler of thick and danceable riffs. The band’s songs take the listener from red deserts to the sun and back again. Truckfighters shares a similar tone to many of their doom-metal cousins, but makes stylistic choices closer to classic psychedelic rock. That being said, there is no shortage of heaviness. Their debut album, Gravity X, saw much success and was lauded by the underground rock community as a gem in modern rock. The guitarist, nicknamed Dango, belts out fuzz-drenched rhythms on “Desert Cruiser,” a fan favorite. Drums hit hard on tracks like “A. Zapruder.” The band ramps up its spacey, psychedelic rock fusion in other tracks such as “Traffic,” from the album, Phi. 2009’s Mania saw the band develop and experiment beyond the “stoner rock” tag while still retaining maximum fuzz. Disclaimer: listening to Truckfighters while driving may cause increased speed.

Its live performance is a high energy ride that can be felt in the gut. Using quality tube amplifiers and loads of varied fuzz pedals, Truckfighters deliver a true tonal experience. Bassist and vocalist Ozo will grind on his thickly coiled bass strings while crooning into his microphone, often prompting the audience to sing along. Dango, often shirtless, spins and jumps seemingly uncontrollably while maintaining precision playing. Their most recent drummer, nicknamed Poncho, upholds the standard of harder-faster drumming. Expect to see synchronized head banging and flying hair.

Truckfighters originally had its new album planned for release in late 2013. It is now planned for official release for January 27th/28th in America. The band will be stopping in San Francisco’s DNA Lounge on March 20th. In the meantime, the band has released the Chairman EP, which includes a new song and live versions of fan favorites. Truckfighters has also released numerous promotional videos, including a music video for its new single – “Prophet.” Check it out below and be sure to keep an eye on this band.


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