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If you’re ever having one of those days where nothing seems to go your way and you really need a little pick me up, just tune yourself into the folk-rock sounds of Brooklyn based Woods to ease your soul.

Not only is their music wistful and their lyrics honest yet sweet, but the music gives a feel of connection to nature and your own childhood without even knowing how it happens. Even on a good day, these sweet harmonious tunes are the perfect accompaniment to a picnic, road trip, or just about anything that makes you want to run around in a field of daisies.

In addition to releasing 6 albums since their formation in 2005, the singer-guitarist and founder of the band Jeremy Earl runs his own record label, Woodsist, from which they release their work and the work of Real Estate, The Oh Sees, and The Fresh & Onlys.

The band also includes multi-instrumentalist Jarvis Taveniere, bassist Kevin Morby and drummer Aaron Neveu. Their sound, clearly derived from 60s psychedelic rock features what some call sunshine pop. The four men flawlessly embody that which so many are searching for in this 24/7 connected world we live in – understanding and acceptance of the imperfections of life.

The new track, “Leaves Like Glass” off their upcoming album With Light and With Love only helps to further secure their place as poster boys for the festival season with Earls sweet childlike vocals that immediately tug on the nostalgic strings of your heart.

Actor and agent James Toth raved of their album, With Light And With Love, due for release on April 15th, calling it a “more sophisticated brand of contemporary drug music that owes more to Magical Mystery Tour than motorik.”

Be sure to add their previous albums to your summer playlist as you gear up for the festival season, and look out for their upcoming album which is sure to contain some of this summer’s campfire anthems.


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