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We’re a little over two weeks away from the most magical electric forest experience in North America and we just can’t wait. This week’s playlist is dedicated to Shambhala Festival, a four-day event held in the Salmo River Valley of southern British Columbia. Set in one of the most idyllic places in the world, Shambhala is a sight to be seen and it’s not too late to get on board! You can buy tickets through our site. Happy listening, everybody!

eventseeker | Shambhala Festival Playlist (7/22/14)

ODESZA – “Sun Models” (feat. Madelyn Grant)
Lynx – “Therapy”
Plantrae – “Bristle Cone”
Datsik – “Let it Burn”
Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – “You Love Me”
The Human Experience – “Sono”
Benji Vaughan – “Datcha”
J. Rabbit – “Let’s Kick It”
B. Traits (feat. Elisabeth Troy) – “Fever”
Phaeleh (feat. Soundmouse) – “Here Comes the Sun”


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