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Monterey has long been home to some of the most diverse marine life this side of Pacific and its prime location on the California coast makes it an excellent tourist destination. The “first capital” of California is now home to one of the most diverse and magical music festivals on the West Coast.

First City Festival not only offers a star-studded lineup that represents California culture, it’s also located on a fairgrounds that offers FREE rides to all attendees! No need to bring extra cash to watch The National play from the top of a Ferris wheel (this experience is highly recommended). Don’t miss your chance, there’s still time!

1. Sleepy Sun – “Marina”
2. Quilt – “Young Gold”
3. San Fermin – “Daedalus (What We Have)”
4. Miniature Tigers – “Used To Be The Shit”
5. Liars – “Mess On A Mission”
6. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – “War Zone”
7. Geographer – “This Is How We Walk On The Moon”
8. Cults – “High Road”
9. CocoRosie – “Gravediggress”
10. Phantogram – “Black Out Days” (Future Islands Remix)


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