playlist | Bumbershoot Festival



Seattle has long been renowned for fostering a unique local music scene, and with the overwhelming amount of local artists on the Bumbershoot lineup, this doesn’t seem to be changing much. The festival prevails at maintaining local culture while continuing to draw large crowds and big names, so our playlist gives you a little taste of both. Enjoy!

1. Craft Spells – “Your Tomb”
2. Kins – “Under the Radar”
3. Valerie June – “Shotgun”
4. San Fermin – “Sonsick”
5. Manatee Commune – “White Smoke” feat. Marina Price
6. La Luz – “Brainwash”
7. Current Swell – “Young and Able”
8. Capital Cities – “Love Away”
9. Kishi Bashi – “Bright Whites”
10. The Head and The Heart – “Another Story”


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