playlist | Zero Point Festival


We can’t begin to describe how excited we are for this totally unique festival! We just can’t wait to get our chakras realigned in the desert while listening to some of the best electronic music on the scene. If you’d like to join in on the experience, enter to win tickets here.

We’ve been listening to these guys all week, so enjoy the playlist; it’s sure to get both your body and your soul moving to a funky rhythm.

eventseeker | Zero Point Festival (9/9/14)

1. An-Ten-Nae – “Lhasa”
2. Andreilien – “Andreilien Echoplecxtasy”
3. Desert Dwellers – “Luminous Axiom”
4. Michael Scalar – “SoBe Honey”
5. Nathan Clement – “Illuminated Aether”
6. Dert Cheep & Demarco Cruz – “Get Money”


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