Top 5 Yoga Festivals in the United States


Yoga festivals are the perfect place to relax, enjoy some good music, find new friends, and, of course, improve your yoga skills. A growing nationwide attention to health and wellness has prompted these kinds of festivals to pop up everywhere, so we decided to list the top five yoga festivals in the U.S.

You don’t need to be a yoga expert to attend one of these festivals, and it just might be the opportunity you need to find inspiration and start a new lifestyle. Check it out!

1. Wanderlust Festivals


The Wanderlust Festivals bring together the best yoga and meditation teachers, a great lineup of new and headlining musicians, cool outdoor activities, and healthy food options. All of that is located in amazing areas with breathtaking views, such as Oahu, Hawaii, Squaw Valley, Calif., Aspen Snowmass, Colo., and four other locations. Read the entire list of locations and dates on their website.

2. Bhakti Fest


Inspired by wisdom and spiritual practices, the Bhakti Festivals offer the practice of yoga, meditation, and kirtan (an inspiring kind of music), as well as nice workshops and many options for camping and lodging. The festivals will take place in June in Madison, Wis., and in September in Joshua Tree, Calif., and are the perfect events for those who are looking for some days to relax and find inspiration.

3. Telluride Yoga Festival


Telluride Yoga Festival features a weekend of yoga classes with world-famous instructors, workshops, music events, and hiking tours in the historic city of Telluride, Colo., complete with amazing views of the Rocky Mountains. This year’s edition begins July 9 and the lineup has already been released.

4. Hanuman Festival


Hanuman is a community-oriented festival that brings together world-class yoga instructors, great music, and inspirational experiences. It will be held in Boulder, Colo., an incredibly beautiful city located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, on June 11. It’s a great opportunity to experience this awesome landscape while enjoying the festival’s activities.

4. Arise Music Festival


The Arise Music Festival offers three days of music, yoga, workshops, and co-creative experiences of all kinds. It’s held at Sunrise Ranch, which is located 65 miles north of Denver, and has a breathtaking Rocky Mountains view. The 2015 edition will be in the middle of the summer, starting at August 7.

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