review | Kindness at Mezzanine


Kindness with his backing singers

Kindness with his backing singers

As part of San Francisco’s Noise Pop Festival, Kindness gave a great performance at The Mezzanine last Saturday evening. The solo project of British singer Adam Bainbridge made the crowd dance and sing at the venue, turning the night into a great party.

Kindness is an electronics-infused indie pop project created by Bainbridge as a way of exploring creative and independent music. He has released two studio albums under the Kindness moniker, World, You Need a Change of Mind in 2012 and Otherness in 2014, and is now on tour around North America and Europe. Check out the complete list of cities and venues on the band’s website.

The evening began with an awesome set from New Orleans-bred rapper, Pell. His energetic performance was a great way to heat up the night and caused plenty of dancing and singing his raps out loud from members of the crowd.

Next, the long-awaited Kindness came out and ran through the group’s most popular songs with a unique style. Bainbridge, along with his backing vocalists and percussionists, nailed the performance and treated their fans to a set full of energy and freedom. It was a great night, and the 70s and 90s influences made us feel as if we were enjoying a party that was happening some decades ago. We definitely hope to be hearing more from Bainbridge and his partners in the future.

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