German-American Rapper Casper Premiers Own Festival Line




Benjamin Griffey, better known as Casper, is a 32-year-old with American roots who made his name as a rapper in Germany a long time ago. He started writing songs at a young age when he still lived in Augusta, Ga. Due to family issues, Casper moved to Germany at age 11. His father lives in Mississippi and Griffey still visits his second home regularly, which is why most of his music videos for the singles of his current album were shot there. He made his big breakthrough in 2011 when he released his first album, XOXO. His second album, Hinterland, was released in 2013. Both albums reached number one on the German album charts.

Casper is known for his clever lyrics, which he delivers in a raspy voice he reportedly achieved as the singer of hardcore bands in Germany. His songs often combine rock and hip-hop, creating a unique style that sticks with the audience. On his most recent album Hinterland, Casper even got to record a song with Tom Smith, lead singer of The Editors. Casper loves to perform at festivals and has played numerous shows with his band across Europe, including a performance at Germany’s Splash Festival alongside Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, and Macklemore in 2013.

This summer, he’s created his own series of festivals across Germany, known as “Castivals.” Casper and his band will be performing in six different cities along with other German and Austrian bands he handpicked himself. He has an ear for talent and catchy sounds, and is known to support other bands and artists in the business. Bands such as Kraftklub and KIZ owe some of their fame and success to Casper, who has featured and supported them from the get-go. Confirmed artists for the Castivals include Bosse, Prinz Porno, and Haftbefehl, with more yet to be announced.

Castival Dates:
June 5, Expo Plaza, Hannover
June 13, Wuhlheide, Berlin
July 4, Elbufer, Dresden
July 31, Residenz Palast, Ludwigsburg
August 21, Trab-Arena, Hamburg
August 22, Westfalen Hallen, Dortmund

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