photo feature | Treasure Island Music Festival 2016


Saturday 1

Treasure Island Music Festival 2016 is in the books, and it was an eventful and challenging year for artists, organizers and fans all alike. The adverse weather conditions throughout the weekend resulted in some abbreviated sets from artists, like How To Dress Well only playing for around 15 minutes, or two hour-plus delays for others like Young Thug, or outright cancellations for unlucky ones like Flight Facilities and Duke Dumont. James Blake’s couldn’t play Sunday evening because of high winds deemed too unsafe. However, as a make-up in good faith, festival organizers booked Blake and his band to play at the Fox Oakland the following night after the festival—free for festival attendees.

Sunday 1

So despite the unfortunate bumps in the mud on the island this year, there were plenty of great takeaways. Sofi Tukker and Deafheaven, though each wildly different from the other’s musical aesthetics, both offered up their own wondrous afternoon performances one day after the other. Ice Cube, Saturday night’s headliner, brought out the West Coast gangster deep-cuts, opening up with “Natural Born Killaz” and not once letting up. On Sunday, Tycho proved to be the perfect Sunday evening sunset act, while Purity Ring warmed everyone and the chilly air with a mesmerizing set. To top it all off, Sigur Ros was flawless, the right choice to close the out not only this year’s iteration of the festival, but its entire 10-year run. At some point in the near future, it is expected that festival organizers will announce what will take TIMF’s place on the calendar next year. Whatever it may be, it’s got plenty to live up to.


Ice Cube

Ice Cube 5

Ice Cube 1

Ice Cube 2

Ice Cube 3

Ice Cube 4

Ice Cube 7

Ice Cube 8

Ice Cube 9

The Polish Ambassador

Polish Ambassador 1

Polish Ambassador 2

Young Thug

Young Thug 1

Young Thug 2

Young Thug 3

Young Thug 4

How To Dress Well








Sofi Tukker

Sofi Tukker 1

Sofi Tukker 2

Sofi Tukker 3

Sofi Tukker 4

Sofi Tukker 5

Sofi Tukker 6

Sofi Tukker 7

Sofi Tukker 8


Kamaiyah 1


Purity Ring

Purity Ring 1

Purity Ring 2

Purity Ring 3

Purity Ring 4

Purity Ring 5

Purity Ring 6

Purity Ring 7

Purity Ring 8

Purity Ring 9

Purity Ring 10

Purity Ring 11

Purity Ring 12

Purity Ring 13

Purity Ring 14

Purity Ring 15

Purity Ring 16


Tycho 1

Tycho 2

Tycho 3

Tycho 4

Tycho 5

Tycho 6

Tycho 7

Tycho 8

Tycho 9

Tycho 10

Tycho 11

Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco 1

Mac DeMarco 2

Mac DeMarco 3

Mac DeMarco 4

Mac DeMarco 5

Mac DeMarco 6

Mac DeMarco 7

Mac DeMarco 8

Mac DeMarco 9

Mac DeMarco 10

Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso 1

Sylvan Esso 2

Sylvan Esso 3

Sylvan Esso 4


Deafheaven 1

Deafheaven 2

Deafheaven 3

Deafheaven 4

Deafheaven 5

Deafheaven 6

Deafheaven 7

Deafheaven 8

Deafheaven 9

Deafheaven 10

Deafheaven 11

Deafheaven 12


Sunday 2

Sunday 3

Sunday 4

Sunday 5

Sunday 6

Sunday 7

Sunday 8

Sunday 9

Sunday 10

Sunday 11

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