ArtSeeker: Events October 18 – October 24, 2011

San Francisco has a fair amount of great art events (screenings, performances, lectures, exhibition openings, etc.) happening every week, so we decided to start this wonderful listing column. We at eventseekr blog monitor lots and lots of art venues, but something might still fall through the cracks – so if you know of any cool and under-publicized (or non-publicized) happenings, TELL US!!!

6th ATA Film & Video Festival, Artists’ Television Access, October 19-23. The ATA is a nonprofit space in the Mission dedicated to promoting exploratory film and video (or, as they say now, time-based work). Their annual festival will start with a reception on October 19th. The next two days will feature shorts’ programs zeroing in on the intriguing topics like “the physical and emotional landscapes of our world” and “the archetypal Davids and Goliaths in our experiences” (doesn’t THAT look curious?) There will also be a Super8 workshop on October 23rd, as well as a surveillance-based installation by Sam Manera during the whole month.


Other Cinema’s Orphans North by Northwest, Artists’ Television Access, October 22, 8.30p. Also at ATA, a curious program including a “film noir” assembled from found footage, with soundtrack by legendary avant-garde composer Ikue Mori (Joey Izzo’s Bare Room), a “belly dance horror movie” (Brian Boyce’s Whisper Hungarian in my Ear), and a story about very unorthodox cinematic practices (David Blair’s Finding the Telepathic Cinema of Manchuria). Don’t miss it.

Gathering the Embers: A Día de los Muertos Tribute Show, SOMArts, October 20, 7p. An evening of performance exploring “love, life, loss, and resiliency.” Will it be therapeutic? Cathartic? Painful? Celebratory? I would imagine that some intensity will surely be involved.

Marc Bamuthi Joseph/ The Living Word Project: red, black & GREEN: a blues, YBCA Forum, October 20-22, 7.30p. A complex performance piece encompassing dance, film, music, installation art and whatnot. Such maximalism is fitting for the ideas of the artist, who will examine the vicious intertangling of environmental and social problems.

Sharon Lockhart: Double Tide, SF MOMA, October 20, 7p. The museum is now showing the work of photographer and filmmaker Sharon Lockhart, who attempts to make sense of the world around by focusing on seemingly “non-cinematic” daily activities of regular, “non-cinematic” people. In Double Tide she zooms in on the labor of a woman clam digger. Before the screening at 6:30pm, Lockhart (as well as curator Rudolf Frieling), will talk about Lunch Break, another work of hers that is being exhibited in the galleries. A day earlier, on October 19, Lockhart will lecture at the CCA Wattis (from 7p to 8p).

Passport 2011, Castro district, October 23, 12p-4p. San Francisco always offers a lot of ways to participate in the noble business of supporting local art. Here is one of them. Buy a “passport” for $25 and walk around the neighborhood, collecting beautiful stamps designed by well-known artists. It is a very cool opportunity to meet artists in person and discuss their work and other interesting things. Proceeds from the event will fund the San Francisco Arts Commission programs.

Here Be Dragons: Mapping Information and Imagination and Open Process Events, Opening Reception, Intersection for the Arts, October 21, 7p. “Here be dragons” is what they wrote on medieval maps to point out that the territory is still unknown. All the unknown territories have since then been discovered and conquered, but there are still dragons in people’s heads. The exhibition at the Intersection for the Arts (until January 14, 2012) presents idiosyncratic artists’ maps which describe various social and personal realms.


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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts

Intersection for the Arts

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