Unusual Band Names: Halloween Edition

In this edition of unusual band names, we turn to the dark side. . . to the more sinister band names in our database. As always, we find some band names that are truly scary and awesome, others that seem to be trying a bit too hard, and of course, a few that seem not to be trying at all.


Looking through the database, there were a surprising amount of band names containing the word “ghost.” Not surprising, since the word does evoke mystery and spirituality. However, the word also evokes images of people draped in bedsheets with eyeholes. In any case, some of these ghostly names are quite inspired. One of our favorites is Ghostface Killah, from Wu-Tang Clan.Vicious, fierce, mysterious–pretty much everything necessary for a good hip-hop name. It’s certainly better than his real name, Dennis Coles. Another one we really liked is Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger. The name carries just the right amount of exoticism, ferociousness and mysticism you would expect from a band led by Sean Lennon. Interestingly enough, it is an indie folk duo whose music has a definite 1960s pop vibe, reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg. Not exactly the ferociousness you would expect.


Other noteworthy spooky names: Ghostland Observatory, Warm Ghost, Jukebox the Ghost, TV Ghosts, Cherry Ghost, Dirty Ghost, Team Ghost, We Ghosts, I am Ghost, Ghostpoet, Ghosting Season and the adorable Marshmallow Ghosts.


. . . And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead is probably one of the most spine-tingling bands in our database. It sounds more like the name of an indie horror film. This Austin-based hard rock band is almost always referred to as Trail of Dead, which is no surprise since the the full name is quite a mouthful. Another ostentatiously long name is The Strange Death of Liberal England , named after the book describing the fall of the liberal party by George Dangerfield. Murder by Death seems to describe the obvious in a failed attempt to be profound. Death by Stereo rouses comic images of a mad stereo-robot on a killing spree, or perhaps someone being blown away by a massive stereo speaker–there’s a commercial like that I believe. Deathcrush leaves one feeling exasperated, although it is an incredibly satisfying word to say. The foolishly named Marijuana Death Squads is a Minneapolis-based experimental band that has not one, but two drummers! Death in Vegas is like the title of a post-modern existential novel along the lines of Less Than Zero and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Alas, it is actually a British electronic outfit that is currently touring like mad until mid December.


Happy Halloween!

Obligatory to mention because of the upcoming ghoulish holiday are the cutesy Helloween and Halloween, Alaska. The latter actually sounds more like a destination. If there ever were a Halloween town, it would only seem natural for it to be in Alaska right?

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