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What once was a quest to create poolside jams has turned into today’s blog-hopping featured artist, Poolside. Formed in 2010 by Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise, the duo set out to explore daytime disco. The two musicians collaborated in Los Angeles when they became tired of the pop-churning production scene. Their initial goal was to simply create music that they themselves could play while basking in the Southern California sunshine, and maybe play at Los Angeles’ infamous day parties. Little did they know, a following caught onto their sound and has been unable to let go since.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Jeffrey Paradise explained how their music emerged: “We would literally just go to the pool, put it on the boombox and be like, ‘yeah, this is good.’” The band has only grown after they released their debut album, Pacific Standard Time. From instrumentals such as, “Tulsa” to more slow-groove tracks like “Slow Down,” that lyrcizes their motto – “Don’t move so fast…relax, it’s alright,” one can get an immediate sense of tranquil tanning and poolside margaritas. The range of the album is sure to be a hit, and their relaxed perspective of the success only makes it that much sweeter.

Their first major tour is in motion bringing sunshine-clad disco to the rest of the country. We all know a San Francisco summer isn’t much of a summer at all, so feel Poolside’s heat this October at the Treasure Island Music Festival. It will be one show you won’t want to miss.


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