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We’re tickled peach to present to you an emerging band that stemmed from a local rendezvous – The Peach Kings. After meeting in San Francisco, they’ve continued to fertilize their sound in LA by doing “as much with as little as possible.” They try to target their material towards a cinematic scene, using movies and film as a drawing board for their tracks. Formed by vocalist Paige Wood and guitarist Steven Trezevant Dies, they describe their musical style as, “loose and dirty but still very sweet.”

The Peach Kings have released two albums, Trip Wop and Handsome Moves, over the past two years and coined the term “gypsydelic” for their latest single, “Mojo Thunder.” The duo collaborated with Alternative Apparel in 2012 to present their spring clothing campaign, and have been featured across the blogsphere as “bourbon doo-wop rock.”* Their music videos are just as entertaining, sporting a Tarantino feel with an edge of ironic humor. Their video for “Lonely” scored as a Vimeo Staff Pick, while “Fisherman” is sure spark a laugh.

They’re as fresh as the name implies, and you’re lucky enough to catch this duo at the intimate venue of Milk Bar this Friday. Taste the Peach Kings for yourself here.


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