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Two members of the eventseeker staff team up to create a playlist featuring the acts of the Pitchfork Music Festival, in Chicago this weekend. Though these two can rarely find common ground when it comes to listening material, they’ve formed an unlikely alliance and have built a playlist showcasing a diverse set of bands and musicians that straddle the musical gauntlet, resulting in what might be our best playlist to date.

Tracks | eventseeker + Pitchfork

1. Bad Girls // Blood Orange
2. Mr. Tough // Yo La Tengo
3. Get Off // Metz
4. The Great Annihilator //Swans
5. Anxiety’s Door // Merchandise
6. Romanticize Me // Pissed Jeans
7. Beatific // Glass Candy
8. Stoned and Starving // Parquet Courts
9. Change // Mikal Cronin
10. No Destruction // Foxygen
11. Pink Flag // Wire
12. Wrong Option // Chairlift
13. Down // Low
14. Baudelaire // …And You Will Know
15. Cocoon // Bjork
16. No Aloha // The Breeders
17. Is It Honest? // Woods
18. Lookin’ Back on ‘99 // Daughn Gibson
19. Don’t Let Me Down // Solange
20. Cultures // Trash Talk


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