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Photo Courtesy of Tony Proudfoot

Our featured band, Thee Oh Sees, have produced 35 albums in the last two decades. No, that’s not a typo, but the dedicated musical musings of 38 year-old lead, John Dwyer. Flocking to San Francisco in the mid-90’s, he’s churned out record after record – occasionally helping similar-sounding artists such as Ty Segall. He’s ventured through the folk, ambient, and garage territories to land his latest album in the rock-psychedelic realm.

Dwyer admits he finally loosened the reins in the studio, and incorporated the talents of Brigid Dawson’s vocals and tambourine, Mike Shoun’s drums, and Petey Dammit’s bass to produce this year’s Floating Coffin. The band joined creative forces this past December, and in an interview with Rolling Stone, elaborated, “I think we drank 13 bottles of wine that night…everyone had gray teeth and we were lying around on the floor by the end.” * Mix their uninhibited efforts with end-of-the-year revelations and you get material that’s kicked off the band’s international tour.

The most recent album explores a darker corner of the garage sphere in a more focused and purposeful light. Dwyer’s echo-entranced voice accompanies most tracks, vocalizing the concern between society’s participation and ignorance. “Minotaur” gracefully closes the collection with a well-placed cello addition and the soft “oohs” and “ahhs” of Dawson. While Thee Oh Sees are currently playing at All Tomorrow’s Parties Iceland, they’ll be tuning the vibe down and returning to San Francisco for the Phono Del Sol Music and Food Festival July 13th.


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