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Lightning in a bottle

As the DO ART’s Lightning in a Bottle descends on Lake Skinner in Temecula, California this weekend, we’ve made a mix of some of our favorite artists playing at the electronic leaning festival.

Tracks | eventseeker + Lightning in a Bottle

1. Coastal Break // Tycho
2. We Are Water // Papadosio
3. Predatory Instincts // Phutureprimitive
4. It’s A Way // Blackbird Blackbird
5. First Snow // Emancipator
6. Road Rage Breakdown // Blockhead
7. Driving Back Home // PANTyRAiD
8. You’re Not a God // Random Rab
9. Optimus Primal // The Polish Ambassador
10. Deep Sea // Eskmo
11. Saltkin // Purity Ring
12. Slo // Giraffage
13. Too Many Kids Finding Rain In the Dust // Nicholas Jaar
14. Honey Badger // Eprom
15. Close // Acid Pauli
16. Casaradio // Eduardo Castillo
17. Paragon Outro // Paper Diamond


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