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The heavy-hitting sound of dubstep is a territory most artists get lost in, and most dance clubs don’t play unless they’re looking for a male-dominant audience. Our featured artist of the week, PANTyRAiD, emerges from the shadows and knocks out both presumptions. Comprised of music producers Martin Folb and Josh Mayer, or as they’d like to be titled, MartyParty and Ooah, the West Coast duo sparked musical fireworks when they came together in April of 2008. The experimental trip-hop project has led to international tours and three albums – Pillow Talk, out just this year.

Their focus on composition is evident in the variation of styles and powerful melodies. Experimenting with a range of sounds, each song has its own character accented with anything from African drums to computer beeps. “Testarossa” can transport you to the interworkings of The Addams Family pinball machine, where “Dreaming” materializes a dewy meadow with a ghostly piano and thriving bass.

PANTyRAiD’s experimentation is what sets them apart, but the instrumental genius behind production is looking towards the ladies. With the open playing field of the modern music industry, affectionate live performances are more crucial than ever, and the duo has done it right. PANTyRAiD’s shows are known to be where dubstep-meets-club, without the dreaded Top 40 replays. Giant fuzzy dice float above the crowd sea where endless grooving and hip-moving opportunities await. You can join in and see the spectacle for yourself this Wednesday at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco.


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