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There’s no sibling rivalry here – Wild Belle’s brother and sister duo naturally compliment each others musical talents. It’s like they were born to become stars side by side, giving a glam makeover to the wild west of the music industry. Having grown up in Chicago, the siblings embrace a midwest turquoise-clad style and undertones of jazz, soul and reggae in their music.

The duo has experienced a quick rise to the top in 2013, as their debut album, Isles, was released by Columbia Records back in March. The album has a theme of dangerous love, which seems an unlikely subject for a brother and sister, but having been born to musician parents and growing up together around music their whole lives, it is no wonder the two have such palpable chemistry. “We have a very loving set of parents, and they just tried to instill love in us as much as possible,” Natalie said in an interview with Interview Magazine.

Natalie, the younger of the two, carries the vocal weight with a perfect combination of raspy character and feminine beauty, while Elliot dazzles on several instruments including the saxophone and kalimba (an African thumb piano).

It all began when Natalie was inspired by her older brother to start writing music on the piano and performing with his college band, Nomo, at the age of 16, a band she would eventually be kicked out of. The two have also toured with Toro y Moi and appeared at Coachella, Lollapallooza and Outsidelands. But all the ups and downs lead to this amazing collaboration which has earned them fame, selling out almost every show on their 2013 tour.


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