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Two necklaces – sorry, 2 Chainz has spit some incredible lines. The Georgia native, Tauheed Epps, signed to Def Jam in 2012 and released his sophomore album, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time, last September. Also known as Tity Boi and the other half of Playaz Circle, he’s been back with a new album and dare say it, new swag. Check out the 10 most creative 2 Chainz lyrics we pulled from his latest work.

1. “My wrist deserve a shout out, ‘I’m like what up wrist?’ My stove deserve a shout out, ‘I’m like what up stove?'”

Off of “Fork” we can tell 2 Chainz is pretty grateful for his stove and wrists. Whether he’s cooking up something illegal or going at it Rachael Ray style, he relishes the art of cooking.

2. “I stack my money so tall, that you might need a giraffe when you counting this cash.”

From his cameo in Young Jeezy’s “R.I.P.” 2 Chainz comes off as a creative sport, the Picasso of imaginative lines. He also apparently has really tall stacks of cash in his house. He should up his insurance.

3. “Her ass so big it look like she trying to walk backwards.”

A real sweet-talker, he knows how to reel in a woman.

4. “I get high and I fly past, I don’t know nothing ’bout iChat, I’m working this iPhone they need an app called iTrap.”

iTrap could be quite promising, and the tech world would love 2 Chainz as a CEO. We hear he’s quite fond of seed rounds anyway.

5. “My chain had another chain like it was pregnant/My favorite dish is turkey lasagne/Even my pajamas designer/She got a fat ass I make her rewind.”

Oh look, all of his favorite things in one verse. His signature chains, love for good food, Louis Vuitton onesies and pear-shaped females.

6. “I’ll take ya wife, give her back, 9 month after that Similac!”

Shoutout to married males, 2 Chainz is offering to take your wife out for a date. He’ll make sure she has a good time with his loads of cash, and then return her to you. Disclaimer: She may be pregnant 9 months later.

7. “I’m so hot; who gon’ put the fire out? I’m the fireman, I put fire out”

We knew 2 Chainz had a prolific hose, but now he’s really impressing us. So next time you forget to turn off the grill, you know who to call when your house is burning down. And yes, he’ll save your cat.

8. “Pull up in your city askin’ bout my back-then/I pull it out, your girl tell me put it back in.”

Meanwhile, you were probably taking a Buzzfeed quiz that let you know which type of cheese you were most like.

9. “And I’m known to kick it like the captain of a soccer team. Billy Jean red leather, same color Red Lobster.”

With 2 Chainz, nothing is offsides. Not even the 7th best chain seafood restaurant in America.

10. “And here you are, a black unicorn. Mythical, mystical, since the day you were born.”



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