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The annual Governors Ball music festival hits Randall’s Island in New York City once again this weekend. Who will you pick as your Governor? Maybe it’ll be Jack White and his hard-rocking guitar riffs. Or perhaps you’ll be swayed by the journey through hip-hop, funk and soul led by Outkast. No matter who you choose, our playlist is sure to get you pumped up and possibly open your eyes to some new candidates. Enjoy!

This week’s eventseeker Office Playlist (6/02/14) features:

1. Papa – “I Am the Lion King”
2. Drowners – “Luv, Hold me Down”
3. Skaters – “To Be Young in NYC”
4. Bleachers – “I Wanna Get Better”
5. Cayucas – “Cayucos”
6. Hunter Hunted – “Keep Together”
7. Sleigh Bells – “You Don’t Keep Me Twice”
8. The Naked and Famous – “Hearts Like Ours”
9. Broken Bells – “Holding on For Life”


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