review | Sideshow Science At The Exploratorium


Last Thursday night, we had the chance to explore one of the coolest places in San Francisco: The Exploratorium. This amazing science museum located at Pier 15 is dedicated to giving people the opportunity to discover how the world works via interactive and thought-provoking exhibits. It’s like a huge science playground that turns into a great party for the grownups every Thursday night, when the museum offers a series of events from 6-10 p.m.

On April 2, we were lucky to attend one of these nightlife events, “After Dark: Sideshow Science,” which turned the museum into a carnival and gave attendees the chance to discover some of nature’s strangest curiosities. Besides all the cool things the museum already offers every day, we experienced magicians and other crazy performances, played games, and saw exhibits about all kinds of weird phenomenon found in nature, including walking on a fluid without sinking. All of this was enjoyed with great cocktails and some fun friends.


We arrived at the museum at 6:30 p.m. and the place was already packed. The night started with some cool social games the museum offered up, in addition to seeing all the cool machines and exhibits. As the sun went down, we went to an outdoor space and watched the amazing old-school show “Tobias Weinberg and His Traveling Spectacular,” where we saw some antique performances that are no longer available everywhere nowadays, including a man walking over glass and another swallowing swords. This old-school feeling was everywhere in the museum, cohabitating the space with all the high-tech machines on display; it felt like travelling through time to the past and to the future at the same time.


Some other highlights of the night included seeing a drop of water freeze live in the “Tunnel of Time,” discovering a strange regenerative planarian at “Madame Nature’s Cabinet of Living Curios,” watching the funny performance of “Wonderson, the Magician,” and petting some real animals, such as a cute hedgehog and a huge snake. All very entertaining and fun!


Thursday night events at the Exploratorium happen every week, but the “After Dark” productions are always on the first Thursday of the month. You can find more information and the complete calendar of events on the website. These productions are a unique chance to explore this awesome venue while having some drinks with friends. We totally recommend it!

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