Five Unusual Museums to Visit From Around The World


Not all museums are full of artistic masterpieces and historical artifacts. There is something out there for all tastes! Check out our list of five quirky museums from around the world.

Museum of Bad Art – Boston, USA
This unusual institution is totally dedicated to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of all kinds of art that has gone wrong. It was founded in 1993 and is the only museum in the world that showcases a collection of art considered “too bad to be ignored.” In addition to paying a visit, you can also donate pieces of art to its collection.


International UFO Museum and Research Center – Roswell, USA
Roswell became famous for supposedly receiving extraterrestrial visitors after a mysterious crash that took place in the city in 1947. It has since become one of the most visited places in the world by UFO fans and the International UFO Museum and Research Center is definitely a must visit attraction for those fans. The museum showcases audio clips, documents, memorabilia, and exhibits relating mostly to the 1947 event, but also to the UFO universe in general. It’s a very interesting place to visit, whether you believe in aliens or not.


International Spy Museum – Washington D.C., USA
The International Spy Museum is the only museum in the world devoted to the art of espionage. This place offers a unique glimpse into the espionage world and its impact on human history, and features some cool and interactive exhibits, such as “Spy In the City.” (


Sulabh International Museum of Toilets – New Delhi, India
Here’s a museum that definitely has interesting and unique material to showcase. Created by sociologist and social reformer, Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, the International Museum of Toilets has a big collection of photos and pieces of toilets from all around the world and from different ages. This place aims to show the evolution of this essential subject in the world, as well as the importance of the issue of sanitation for human beings.

Sulabh international toilet museum

Sexmuseum – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Also known as “Venustempel” (Venus Temple, in English), this is the oldest and most famous museum about sex. The place holds a lot of artifacts about the theme, showcasing some very interesting curiosities about sex practices from across decades and around the globe. In addition, you can end your visit by purchasing some embarrassing snapshot souvenirs.


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