photo feature | Treasure Island Music Festival: The Crowd, etc.


20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5428

If you missed our Treasure Island Music Festival coverage from last week — our massive photo feature & Sofi Tukker interview — we’ve got another fun feature for you. Here is the journey that was TIMF 2016, featuring the brave souls who made it through the monsoon of music and mayhem.


20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5174

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5178

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5179

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5182

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5189

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5193

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5195

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5289

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5202

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5217

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5225

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5226

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5228

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5251

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5258

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5270

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5275

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5277

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5278

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5285

20161015-untitled shoot-IMG_5306


20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5338

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5392

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5331

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5355

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5362

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5389

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5427

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5482

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5491

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5525

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5514

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5551

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5553

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5554

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5564

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5589

20161016-untitled shoot-IMG_5645

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