Workin for the Weekend – eventseeker’s Top Picks for 11/4/2011/-11/6/2011


Hooray for Wednesday! The weekend is almost here. This Wednesday is a bit more special, though, since today is Hump Day and Dia de los Muertos. If you’re looking for something fun to do tonight, try heading to the Mission District for the Festival of Altars and the Day of the Dead celebration. Otherwise, let’s see what this weekend has to offer!

Margaret Jenkins Dance Company: Light Moves at YBCA November 3-5:


In Light Moves, the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company has worked with multi-media artist Naomie Kremer, composer Paul Dresher and poet Michael Palmer to produce a visually dazzling piece that attempts to make a space where music, poetry and dance cohere with animated images of light and color. It’s a performance that challenges artists from different genres to collaborate and make a cohesive product/story, but at the same time seems almost like an experiment to see how much information an audience can absorb when so much visual stimuli is on stage at once. Personally, I think the overall effect may trigger brain overload, but since I’m not planning on ever taking any mind-altering substances that are stronger than alcohol/caffeine, this will be a truly welcome experience.

Foodie Adventures–Culinary Walking Tours: I could tell you all to go pay $75 for the opportunity to watch Martha Stewart demo some recipes from the new cookbook she’s promoting–or I could tell you to go explore San Francisco, meet some of the chefs who make up the culinary fabric of SF, and eat tons of food with an awesome food guide leading the way. Yup, I’d go with the Foodie Adventures option, too. Chris Milano, the man behind the tour, takes groups of people on a food extravaganza in one of three of SF’s most distinct districts: Chinatown, North Beach and the Mission. Send them an e-mail to schedule a tour.

ODC Theater presents: CAT LADY November 4-6:


Solo performer and writer Kristina Wong will be premiering CAT LADY, a theater piece that draws parallels between the world of the pick-up artist and the musty home of a cat lady, at the ODC Theater this weekend. To give you more of an idea of what type of comedy/theater she does, here are the titles of two theater pieces she’s done in the past: Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Going Green the Wong Way. Oh, and she used to write for Playgirl magazine. Intrigued? You should be.

Oakland Art Murmur November 5: The first Friday of each month, 20 member galleries in Oakland open their doors to the public from 6pm to 9pm. Located mainly between 22nd and 26th Streets, Oakland Art Murmur encourages the community to get involved with the cultural art scene. In addition to the galleries, where nibbles and wine can be found, 23rd Street between Telegraph and Valley will also be turned into a pedestrian market where art and food vendors will be set up. Here’s a map of the participating galleries.

Scary Cow Indie Film Festival November 5:

Scary Cow is a San Francisco indie film co-op. This Saturday, they’ll be screening film shorts at the Castro Theatre, and the viewers will be able to vote for their favorites. These films, from conception to screen, take about four months to make. During those four months, Scary Cow organizes classes and workshops to help the filmmakers along. At this festival, you’ll see shorts that are currently making the film festival rounds–one of the shorts will even be showing at the 2011 Palm Springs International Shortfest. If you’ve always been interested in film and film-making, this event will put you in touch with all the right people. For a better idea of the films they’ve produced in the past, visit their website.


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