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What is Beats Antique? I can tell you that it was conceived in 2007 through the previous collaborations of David Satori, Zoe Jakes and Tommy Cappel in the eclectic underground music scene of the Bay Area. Beats Antique has released four full-length albums since its inception, and are ready to engage on a lengthly spring tour of North America.

The simple facts are easy, but attempting to categorize their sound yields only inelegant mash-ups of “World Fusion,” and “Electronica.” Codifying the trio’s individual roles results in obtuse explanations that futilely attempt to encompass producer, composer, performer and mad scientist. Beats Antique shreds classification and defies reduction.


“Beauty Beats”


It is said that you are judged by the company that you keep. Beats Antique has done projects with The Glitch Mob, Bassnectar, LYNX, Lucent Dossier, and Les Claypool.

Everything about this group seems to be engineered to challenge our notions of genre. Their live performances meld modern dance with Arabian belly-dance, and electronic productions with live acoustic improvisation.

Beats Antique is electrifying not because they are the birth pangs of a new genre: they are far too specialized for that. They are exciting because they are precisely the opposite: something so original and confounding that there will never be anything else quite like it.



Other previously announced festivals that Beats Antique will be playing besides Coachella (April 15 & 22) are Sasquatch, Wakarusa and the Wanderlust music festivals in Vermont, Colorado and North Lake Tahoe, CA. They have also just announced a show in their hometown of Oakland, CA at the Fox Theater on March 30th.



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