video | The “Voz Sin Tinta” One Year Anniversary


Photo Courtesy of Laura Damase

Photo Courtesy of Laura Damase

eventseeker headed to Alley Cat Bookstore to attend a fresh bilingual poetry reading called Voz Sin Tinta, sponsored by San Francisco’s first Latino poet laureate Alejandro Murguia.

Every second Thursday of the month, Voz Sin Tinta takes place at Alley Cat Bookstore, located right in the heart of San Francisco’s traditionally Mexican district, The Mission. The event brings together poets of all ages from all over the bay area for a very special reading. It is the idea of Alejandro Murguia, who we interviewed exclusively last month, and hosted by Marguerite Muñoz and José Hector Cadena, two passionate young writers. On March the 13th, Voz Sin Tinta celebrated its one-year anniversary and in honor of International Women’s Day, only female poets read this special Thursday.

Special thanks to Alley Cat Book store, Alejandro Murguia, Marguerite Muñoz, José Hector Cadena and the poets.


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