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Photo Courtesy of Sean Moore

Photo Courtesy of Sean Moore

Brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari make up The French Horn Rebellion, a self-proclaimed “basement dance party” music duo. With an infectious energy and keen sense of humor, the two are as much comedians as they are talented musicians. Robert took the time to chat with us about touring, future plans and their banning of Drake in the tour van.

You are currently on tour through the States. Do you play an integral part in organizing the tour?

Oh yeah. Well, right now I am the band’s manager, label AND French hornist. So I talk with our booking agent about the kinds of things we want to do and then we do them. It’s really exciting to be on a national headline right now…such a dream come true.

Are there any particular cities or venues that you’ve played memorable shows in?

In Hong Kong we played overlooking a harbor. It was close to Christmas time as well, so all the downtown lights did an amazing show just as we began to play. It was one of the biggest audiences we ever played for—around 2000 people. It was a really memorable experience.

What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you or that you’ve seen while on tour?

If something can go wrong, it will go wrong on tour. We’ve had everything happen to us: the broken-down car, arriving late to a gig, losing a laptop, forgetting your French horn. It’s a learning process and weird things can happen.

What is French Horn Rebellion’s pre-show ritual?

We always play the song “I Go to Rio” by Peter Allen. It’s sexy and funky, and pumps us up!

What’s a typical day like on the road? What is on your stereo or in your headphones?

On the way, I’m mostly jamming to Disney tunes and my current obsession: the Weeknd. No Drake is allowed in the van. When we get to the venue, we load in and sound check. Then “I Go to Rio” cues up and it’s time to grab my French horn and head to the stage. It’s not uncommon for the synergy between us and the audience to kick into overdrive, so I’m usually pretty drained post-show and treat myself to four ounces of Jameson on the rocks.

What is your first memory of playing a good live show?

For my senior recital in high school I played horn, sang opera, and played jazz piano. I listened to that recording today and I still can’t replicate the magic of my starry-eyed youth.

What can we expect from you guys coming up? Any new collaborations?

This summer we’ll be releasing a compilation album of all the singles we’ve put out over the last two years. Next Jack Swing in full effect!

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