What To Wear to Coachella 2015


Going to Coachella and still not sure what to wear? We’re here to help! We looked around the internet to see what will be trending in Indio this year and have listed the top 10 style trends for Coachella 2015 below.

1. Temporary Tattoos


Also known as jewelry tattoos (well, they do look like jewelry pieces), these temporary and metallic adornments are very popular among celebrities and trendy music festivalgoers. If used with moderation, they’re an easy and cheap way to brighten up your look. Take a look on Pinterest to find some cool ideas of how to use them.

2. Gypsy Accessories


It’s not news that the boho-gypsy style is everywhere at Coachella and it seems like this year won’t be any different. Among these silver gypsy-themed items, there is a wide range of options to choose from, including bracelets, rings, necklaces, headbands, and even cute leg chains. Any of them are good picks to cheer up your look.

3. Head Attire


These accessories are so important to Coachella-goers that they deserve a topic all their own. The first head attire you should consider using is a hat, which can be your salvation from the hours burning under the desert sun.

Besides hats, headbands are probably the most popular head accessory at the festival. It’s Coachella, so you can use pretty much whatever you want without looking weird, though you should probably swap out the traditional flower wreaths and feathers for something more original. Be bold!

4. Funky Sunglasses


Considering the aforementioned California sun that will be burning your eyes all weekend, you will definitely need a pair of sunglasses at this festival. So why not rock some funky ones? Music festivals are the place to be original, so don’t be afraid to innovate! Here are some cool ideas on Pinterest.

5. Indie-Grunge Style


If you are already done with the bohemian way of dressing, you can bet on a heavier look with some grunge and indie influences. Some say this will be THE style this year. Be sure to add a rock band top, jean shorts, and a pair of boots, and a plaid shirt is also a good pick for nighttime.

6. Kimonos


Kimonos are awesome and are great pieces of clothing to protect you from the burning sun during the day and the cold breeze at night. Plus, they are very trendy, so you can find some nice options for very reasonable prices at the big department stores. You can actually make your own kimono, as well. Pinterest has tons of DIY instructions to help you. See more here.

7. Maxi Skirt


Wearing a maxi skirt is a great pick to stay fresh and chic without baring too much skin. They are also very representative of Coachella’s style. See some combinations you can make here.

8. The Perfect Pair Of Shoes


Ankle boots and comfy sneakers are always good choices, and both will protect your feet while looking stylish. Furry raver boots, high heels, and flipflops, however, will quickly become a problem. Remember that you will up all day, walking on rough ground with thousands of other people while likely experiencing a wide variation in temperature. You’ll need shoes that can survive all of that without hurting your feet.

9. Hip Pack


They may be hated by tons of people, but we can’t deny how practical hip packs are; you don’t need to carry them and they so are much harder to lose than other options. The good news is that they are kind of trendy again, so you can find many options that are very stylish and won’t make you look like your father.

But if the hip packs are too much for you (not everyone is ready, we know), you can always pick a sling bag or a backpack.

10. Bring A Jacket


A jacket, plaid shirt, kimono, poncho, or any other attire that is easy to carry and will warm you up is a necessity. In the mornings, you may feel like you don’t need it, but you’ll be amazed how much the desert temperature can fall when the sun goes down.

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