Five Museums You Have To Visit Before You Die


Visiting a good museum is one of the best ways to explore the history and culture of a country, which is why we decided to list some unique museums from around the world you must visit before you die. All of these are ranked as some of TripAdvisor’s “Best Museums in the World,” and you can see the entire list here.

1. The Art Institute of Chicago – USA


The second-largest museum in the United States attracts visitors from all over the world. It has one of the finest art collections in the world and showcases a very diverse range of works, from classical artist masterpieces such as the world-famous “Bedroom in Arles” by Vincent van Gogh, to modern exhibitions.

2. Getty Center – USA


Famous for its original architecture, gardens, and for having breathtaking views of Los Angeles, the Getty Center is a must visit attraction in the city. Here you’ll find a multitude of art, including paintings, manuscripts, sculptures, and photography works. Some highlights are the Italian manuscripts from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and Rembrandt’s Late Religious Portraits. In addition to the museum, the Getty Center also has a popular restaurant and holds some cool events all year round.

3. Galleria dell’Accademia – Italy


Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze, or “Gallery of the Academy of Florence” in English, is a famous art museum located in the beautiful and historical city of Florence. This place is known for being the home of Michelangelo’s famous sculpture, “David,” but it also holds tons of other masterpieces from famous Italian artists such as Andrea Mantegna, Piero Della Francesca, and Giovanni Bellini. The city of Florence itself is an open air museum full of historical constructions and artworks; if you are a classical art fan, you definitely can’t miss it!

4. Hagia Sophia – Turkey


This magnificent construction located in Istanbul was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 537 BCE and used as church and a mosque before being declared a museum in 1935. The building itself is extremely beautiful and is the highlight of the museum. The architecture is unique and inspired many other constructions all around the world, and inside you can find countless afrescos, panes, and mosaics.

5. Ricardo Brennand Institute – Brazil


The Ricardo Brennand Institute is rated as the best museum in Brazil. Located in Brazil’s northeastern region in the city of Recife, the institute hosts a museum with some great artwork from Brazil and all over the world, as well as a castle, a library, and a park. It’s a beautiful and very well-conserved construction full of cool things to see and nice spots to photograph.

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