The Best Upcoming Tattoo Conventions Around the World

Tattoos have become more and more popular over the years and 40% of all adults in the US have at least one. Tattoos are not only fashionable but also, of course, art. The different styles and techniques keep evolving and some say that once you have a tattoo, you get addicted. Tattoo conventions are a great way to follow the latest trends, see some of the biggest artists, and meet people who share the same passion for body art. So if you still have some space on your body, visit a tattoo convention and get inked!

Silverstate Tattoo and Arts Festival, Reno, NV
Dates: May 15 – May 17
The Silverstate Tattoo and Arts Festival is taking place at the Peppermill Casino Resort and features some of the best tattoo artists from the US and Canada. Get ready for a weekend full of contests, tattoo seminars, parties, and even a Ms. Silverstate beauty pageant!

Paradise Tattoo Convention, San José, Costa Rica
Dates: May 29 – May 31
This big convention in beautiful Costa Rica doesn’t only have some big name tattoo artists, such as Ami James, it also features a lot of great bands and special guests, including Zombie Boy.

NYC Tattoo Convention, New York City, NY
Dates: June 12 – June 14
The NYC Tattoo Convention is supposed to be the best tattoo convention in the Tri-state area. This year, it will be held at the Metropolitan Pavillion and will present over 100 different tattoo artists from all over the world. There are no advanced ticket sales.

Moscow International Tattoo Week, Moscow, Russia
Dates: May 23 – May 25
Some of the best tattoo artists are from Moscow, so don’t miss the Moscow International Tattoo Week if you want to know what the latest trends are. The Tattoo Week is not only for people who love to get tattoos, it’s also for tattoo artists who want to stay up-to-date on the latest and best supplies.

Berlin Tattoo Convention, Berlin, Germany
Dates: August 7 – August 9
The Berlin Tattoo Convention is the biggest tattoo convention in Germany and takes place in the Berlin Arena. Artists from all over the world will be presenting their portfolios and tattooing on stage. Additionally, there will also be an Art Fusion event, where tattoo artists can collaborate on art pieces.

Toronto Tattoo Show, Toronto, Canada
Dates: June 19 – June 21
The Toronto Tattoo Show is famous for its artist lineup, which this year will feature Teresa Sharpe (winner of Best Ink season two), Bob Tyrell (LA Ink), and others. The Tattoo Show also features a fashion show and some great shopping!

Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival, Nashville, TN
Dates: May 8 – May 10
This festival doesn’t only feature amazing tattoo artists, it also presents horror movies, a live horror maze, and some horror movie actors. If you like the combination of gore and body art, this is the place to be!

Maritime Tattoo Festival, Halifax, Canada
Dates: May 16 – May 18
The Maritime Tattoo Festival presents a lot of traditional tattoo artists. The popular event features many contests and live bands, and even an after-party on a large boat following the festivities. For those interested, there are also suspension performances.

International Tattoo Expo Roma, Rome, Italy
Dates: May 9 – May 10
The International Tattoo Expo in Rome is a huge event that doesn’t just feature tattoo artists, but also a very versatile entertainment program that presents dancers and artists from all over the world. It’s a very modern tattoo convention that mixes body art with contemporary art.

Copenhagen International Tattoo Convention, Copenhagen, Denmark
Dates: May 15 – May 17
The Copenhagen International Tattoo Convention showcases the best tattoo artists of all different genres. From traditional, to graphic tattoos, to dotwork, there’s something there for everyone! This is definitely one of the best tattoo conventions worldwide.

Amsterdam Tattoo Expo, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dates: May 29 – May 31
More than a hundred artists make their way to Amsterdam for the Tattoo Expo. Besides a lot of contests, there is also a body art exhibition happening at the Tropenmuseum while the expo is going on. If the lengthy artist lineup doesn’t overwhelm you, you should definitely go check it out.

Getting a tattoo at a convention is often a cheaper option and is a great way to get work from a famous artist. If you plan on getting a tattoo from a specific artist, it’s always good to check their availability before the convention, as the bigger artists especially book up fast!

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