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It’s been a few years since The Chemical Brothers released new music. Expectations were extremely high when they dropped their LP Born in the Echoes last Friday. The first single Go came out in May and didn’t surprise its listeners. Go sticks to the typical Chemical Brothers sound and makes them sound as young and as fresh as ever. Collaborating with happening artists such as St. Vincent and Q-Tip on Born in the Echoes, The Chemical Brothers are not only able to keep up with their previous records, they even reached another level of amazingness by combining catchy modern beats with plausible vocals. The new album once again proves that the Chemical Brothers are an unmatchable outfit in the EDM genre.

We are extremely happy to hear that The Chemical Brothers are coming back to San Francisco for Hard SF where they will be presenting the new album! It will be their only show in the area and a foretaste for Hard Summer in Los Angeles. Accompanied by Brodinski, the duo will make a stop at The Armory on July 30th.

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